Cookery Classes – Who Needs Them?

I found myself in Kinsale – arguably the good food capital of Western Europe – this week at the Kinsale Gourmet Academy. The night was an introductory night for a 6 Week Cookery Course. Truthfully, I was just taking the opportunity to spend time with my sister-in-law Mary, who I don’t see half enough of, and meet her friends.

Boy was I surprised at some of the new basics I learned, things that would just make life so much simpler several times a week. Things that would save so much money over a year of preparing meals at home, things that would save significant amounts of time.

The Chef, David Rice, was very easy to listen to, informative in such a straightforward way and very practical. It might be fun to watch TV and learn some very elaborate dishes – but there’s an awful lot to be said for some decent knife skills and an expert guide to simplifying the process of the food you personally actually prepare week to week.

So, for the thing you do three times a day, every single day, could you have too much knowledge? – I think there’s always a lot to learn.


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