It’s a Date

It’s a Date


So, friends are coming to dinner and you want a dessert that ticks all these boxes
□ A dessert without sugar
□ Really fast and simple to make
□ In season right now
□ Doesn’t cost a whole lot
□ Looks intriguing and enticing
□ Taste is interesting, sophisticated and very different.

Figs are gorgeous at the moment. They cost about €1 each. These are dipped in melted dark chocolate and sprinkled with sea salt. When I melt chocolate, I do it in 10 second bursts in the microwave. So, I use drops or break the chocolate up into small pieces. if I know it will take about 30 seconds, I will do three separate 10 second microwaves. Otherwise, the chocolate is likely to burn and turn strange. Then put the dipped figs onto parchment, so you can peel them off when the chocolate has set and sprinkle on a coarse sea salt. (Idea taken from Angel Adoree’s Vintage Tea Party Book).
The dates are also really easy. I buy Medjool dates, they are usually bigger and plumper and not sticky to touch. Remove stones if not already done. I paid €3 for 10 dates in the local supermarket today. Usually, I buy them by the kilo in the Asian Food Company in Mary Street, Dublin (I also buy most of my spices there). Then I mix some ground coffee into some cream cheese – a tablespoon in the small tub of Philadelphia is about right and pipe (couldn’t pipe to save my life, so I use a teaspoon) this mixture into each date. They are best done a few hours in advance to give the coffee time to develop. They are still very nice the next day.
Daniel made these in less than ten minutes, but I would allow about thirty minutes for a lesser mortal like myself. So for dessert for 6, I think 2 x dates and 1 fig is plenty and would expect it all to cost somewhere about €12 for ingredients.


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