Emotional Eating – Virtuous

Emotional Eating – Virtuous


Emotional eating has such a negative connotation, but I thought it’d be interesting to really pay close attention to that concept and see which food matches which emotion. So, for starters, let’s focus on “Virtuous” – usually comes on after a session at the gym, or finding the scales reading a little less than anticipated… Feeling virtuous suggests that you want to have something that ought to be a guilt-laden indulgence but you’ve cleaned it up to be perfectly wholesome.

Apple & Prune Mini Tea Bracks

300 g Wholemeal Buckwheat Flour
30 g Baking Powder
2 teaspoons Ground Ginger or Clove or Mixed Spice (optional)
200 g good quality prunes cut into small pieces
1 large or 2 small apples peeled and cut into small pieces
Zest and juice of an orange (optional)
400 ml tea (or about 500 ml if not using the orange juice)
2 eggs beaten

Soak the prunes in the tea for at least 4 hours. (I love Earl Grey for this recipe)
Add in the apple, orange juice and zest and beaten eggs then sieve in the dry ingredients. Buckwheat flour tends to feel very light and velvety compared with regular flour. This is meant to make a 1kg or 2lb loaf, but I think it is much more useful to make muffin sized mini-bracks. Bake at 150◦C for about 20 minutes.
So, for the very saintly, top with Aileen Cox Blundell’s Apple & Chia Seed ‘jam’ (Simply stew dessert apples until soft then add in Chia seeds and allow to cool) and if you are sharing with lesser mortals let them slather on the butter!


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