Hot or Not

Hot or Not


I’m not sure why it is that we’re not great in Ireland for eating chilled soups. Our weather is not that bad, we’ve even had a few great summers in the past decade. It feels like we miss an opportunity for using surplus vegetables – especially people who have allotments or grow their own. There’s only so much pickling and freezing that we can do. So, just as soup is a lovely, light, nutritious meal in winter, it is just as great a food choice in summer.

We thought we could maybe be clever about it on our Weekend Menu by offering a Tandoori Watermelon soup that could be eaten either warm or chilled. Of course there is some sort of scientific explanation for this that eludes me, but I am so surprised by how different this soup tastes depending on whether it is served hot or cold.

As a warm soup it is a very nice tomato soup with an unusual twist. As a chilled soup it is so much better, the watermelon is the predominant flavour and the tandoori and tomato are the undernotes. The chilled taster in the picture was the winner hands down here yesterday. Forget the Gazpacho, there’s an abundance of fresh herbs and vegetables and a world of lovely simple recipes for summer soups, so get chilling.


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